The Boy with the Laughing Smile

THE BOY WITH THE LAUGHING SMILE  Frances Altman   He is bluff and bluster and arrogance too, The boy with the laughing smile. He is cocky and clever, Yet in his eyes are the hidden softness of blue, blue skies. He’ll give you a growl, or a shrug or stare, But he’s not really such […]


Resolution Richard Baldwin Cook   “There’s a spot of blood on the floor,” she said. “It’s from one of the dogs.” “There’s also a spot of blood in the dog’s bed,” she said. Flashing on an expensive trip to the vet, on the four dog graves we already have in our woods, gathered in by […]

For the New Year

For the New Year Kris Boyer In the 12 months preceding there have been flashes of greatness 5:00 a.m. jogging 5:15 a.m. panting …inhaler… 7:00 a.m. crunches 7:15 a.m. pulled muscles …ice…or was it heat?… In the 12 months preceding there have been flashes of defeat 8:00 p.m. chocolate bar 8:15 p.m. regret …milk…mmm… 10:00 […]


Words Jo Donaldson Words flow through my brain             Like drops of water,                         Some smoothly like a gentle spring brook,                                     Others swirl,                                        Careening wildly through                                            The gullies of my mind,                                                 Bouncing off images or                                                     Catching in small pools                                                             And stagnating. Large    or small,        […]

I am From

I AM FROM Charles Ota Heller I am from another land, a land once called Czechoslovakia. I am from a small village, I am from a city called Prague. I am from wealth, and also poverty. I am from the families Heller and Neumann, All of them Czech, all but three murdered. I am from the […]

On New Year’s Day

On New Year’s Day Matt Hohner On the last night of the year, we warmed ourselves with cocktails and braised lamb shanks and imagined ourselves rich, read horoscopes to each other like revelations, fitting our lives into their prophecies to give ourselves meaning and relevance. The stars shone like pockmarks, like hammer-punched holes in an […]

A Marriage Dress

 A Marriage Dress  C. Louisa Beauty…today you wear a dress of pristine white. I would give you a brown one; an indelicate dress to endure the mending necessary to conceal the iniquities love will bear over time. When this day is done, and your dress is preserved, what will remain is a commitment to the […]