Jo Donaldson

Words flow through my brain

            Like drops of water,

                        Some smoothly like a gentle spring brook,

                                    Others swirl,

                                       Careening wildly through

                                           The gullies of my mind,

                                                Bouncing off images or

                                                    Catching in small pools

                                                            And stagnating.


   or small,

       no two alike,

they freeze

    they melt

       they tickle

          they burn.

Some join together

            demanding release

                        and flow

                                    onto the smooth white paper.


Jo Donaldson began writing poems as a child. She later wrote for the Carroll County Times, Carroll Evening Sun and “Pilot’s Preflight.” A staff writer for the Cumberland Times-News,  she won several awards from the MDDC Press Association and two first place awards from Associated Press. She has published in One Left Shoe, Christmas Carroll and Ginseng, and her poetry book, Mountain Musings. She recently completed a middle grade novel.