I am From

Charles Ota Heller

I am from another land,
a land once called Czechoslovakia.
I am from a small village,
I am from a city called Prague.

I am from wealth, and also poverty.
I am from the families Heller and Neumann,
All of them Czech, all but three murdered.
I am from the Holocaust.

I am from the meadowlands of Jersey,
And the Oklahoma prairie.
I am from LA-LA land,
And the land of pleasant living.

I am from fun and games,
And I am from culture and learning.
I am from overachieving,
And sometimes underbelieving.

My dreams fulfilled, I dream of more.
Often, I wish for too much.
But, blessed with family and good health,
I am from happiness on Earth.



Charles Ota Heller is the author of the prize-winning memoir, Prague: My Long Journey Home, and of a mini-memoir titled Name-droppings: Close Encounters with the Famous and Near-Famous. He has completed a third, Ready, Fire, Aim! A Survivor’s Tales of Entrepreneurial Terror, which is currently in the hands of his agent. A fourth, Cowboy from Prague, is currently in the works.