A Marriage Dress

 A Marriage Dress
 C. Louisa

Beauty…today you wear a dress of pristine white. I would give you a brown one; an indelicate dress to endure the mending necessary to conceal the iniquities love will bear over time. When this day is done, and your dress is preserved, what will remain is a commitment to the act of loving. Loving in perfection, like joyfully embraces from soiled hands on a white dress; and imperfection, like having that someone to cry with and hold tightly as your world falls apart and the pieces land on a brown dress; a dress not from a fairy tale but from this world; a dress always at the ready to withstand the joys and tragedies that make a life.


C. Louisa was born in Los Angeles, CA.  Her parents moved to Maryland when she was eleven years old.  She grew up in Prince Georges County, MD and moved to Charles County, Maryland as an adult nineteen years ago.  Although employed as a government employee, she has been writing poetry and telling stories as long as she can remember.