New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions
Mark Prebilic

Once and not so long ago
While in a known but broken state,
A hindrance to the traveled road
Wore weathered lines upon my face.

My focus now turned inside out
At mountains yet to conquer
I seek a glade to warm my soul
Where contemplation lingers.

I fear not hollow echoes
Nor scree beneath my feet.
The cliffs that now confront me
I’ve warmly welcomed there.

The tender oak has reached the sky
The glistened rock protrudes.
The trail that’s long forgot til now
Entices boots that shimmer.


Mark Prebilic writes fiction, poetry, and opinion pieces. He’s inspired by the natural world around him and his writings reflect that inspiration. He’s been published in The Washington Post, Yoga Journal, and The Gazette Newspapers. He has birthed that novel inside of him and is currently nurturing it through adolescence. He hopes to someday release it on the world.