Poem of the Year

Poem of the Year
Linda A. Stewart

This year
I’m gonna show ‘em.
Every day
I’ll write a poem.
I’ll put pen and paper
On the coffee pot.
And other places
Where I sit a lot.
I’ll stick a post-it
On the remote.
“No screen time
‘Till the poem’s wrote!”
They’ll get longer.
They’ll get better.
I’ll send the best ones
In a letter.

And hope…


Linda Stewart grew up in an old New England farmhouse with a fireplace in every room, no closets, and many bookshelves. She fell in love with poetry reading her father’s college anthologies. Her poem, “Sugar and Spice”, a tale of two mice outwitting a fox, won a prize in a sixth-grade contest. Among her treasures are her poetry journals. Linda spent forty years sharing her love of literature with children, both those she taught and those she raised.